Subaru Legacy 2004 Workshop Service Repair Manual

Subaru Legacy Outback (B13) 2004 Workshop Service Repair Manual

Subaru Legacy & Outback 2004 Service Manual PDF

The Subaru Legacy and Outback is a car plate-made by the Japanese car supplier Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) in 1994. The “Wilderness” name has actually been utilized on 2 different Subaru models. One of these models is based on the mid-sized Subaru Tradition and the other stemmed from the hatchback variation of the Subaru Impreza. The design is named after the large, remote, and arid wilderness areas in Australia; the name is intended to emphasize the modest off-road capacity of the automobile, while also offering a nod to the original layout, which had a larger trunk “out back” than the Heritage.

In Japan, Subaru introduced this car as the Tradition Grand Wagon in 1995, but in most other markets, this version ended up being known as the Heritage Wilderness. In Australia, Subaru opted to reduce the name to Subaru Outback when introduced there in 1996– hence coming to be the first market to make use of the shorter name.

Subaru Legacy Outback (B13) 2004 Workshop Service Repair Manual
Subaru Legacy Outback (B13) 2004 Workshop Service Repair Manual
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Subaru Legacy 2004 Workshop Service Repair Manual

In 2003, Subaru released an additional redesign model along with the new Tradition model. This collection was delayed in North America until January 2004 for the 2005 model year. Like both previous generations, the 2003 upgrade complied with similar plan as before. This also consisted of an Outback car in North America, only to be terminated mid-way with this generation’s life-span. By embracing the Tradition Outback nameplate as its was used in Europe, these 2003 onwards versions additionally marked the cessation of Subaru’s eschewal of the Outback identification for Japan.
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This service manual has been prepared to provide SUBARU service personnel with the necessary information and data for the correct maintenance and repair of SUBARU vehicles.

This manual includes the procedures for maintenance, disassembling, reassembling, inspection and adjustment of components and diagnostics for guidance of experienced mechanics.

Please peruse and utilize this manual fully to ensure complete repair work for satisfying our customers by keeping their vehicle in optimum condition. When replacement of parts during repair work is needed, be sure to use SUBARU genuine parts.

These manuals are used when performing maintenance, repair, or diagnosis of Subaru LEGACY.

Subaru Legacy Outback (B13) 2004 PDF Service Manual


Subaru Legacy 2004 Workshop Service Repair Manual